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Whether it’s an off-hand remark about an employee or a story about the company going above and beyond in terms of customer service, the narrative around modern brands is shaped by online content. Traditional methods of brand reputation management simply aren’t effective in a world where the majority of communication occurs online. And so companies are faced with a choice: do they sit back and allow the conversation to flow organically, potentially leading to loss of business? Or, do they become proactive and engage with online resources to protect their brand image? The answer could reflect a company’s marketing success on the web. The ALM Corp online reputation management team has the experience, the knowhow and the commitment to maintain the positive buzz around online brands.

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Most online brand owners don’t have the resources or the time to dedicate to reputation management services. That’s why the leading companies allow ALM Corp to take control of the conversion. Here’s how ALM Corp exerts their power in the online space:

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our SERPS will conduct a full review of the company’s online presence, including analysis of its website, brand name and their online employee information. They will also review the leading networking sites to ascertain the positive or negative value of mentions through the site. Finally, they will analyze social media to monitor the company’s trending patterns.

Plan Creation & Execution

Once the analysis work has been completed, the company will devise a strategy on how to improve the brand’s online reputation through the use of search engine reputation management. They will also create a strategy to reshape the conversation on social media.

Reputation Management Plans Can Include:

  • Utilizing social media profiles to increase interest in brand
  • Creating favourable references through popular online channels
  • Incentivizing positive feedback from online audiences
  • Using SEO techniques to regain positive top 10 rankings

Continuous Monitoring

Our powerful monitoring tools will present companies with a system for detecting and resolving any potential reputation issues before they develop. And our cutting-edge reputation analysis systems enable us to give immediate attention to negative customer feedback. It’s an on-going management process which involves creating positive brand mentions that empower company-focused customer engagement online.

A growing company’s brand name is one of its most important assets on the road to success. It’s imperative to protect that asset completely when approaching customers online. Our experienced reputation management professionals can help businesses take the initiative when it comes to their brand narrative online. Effective strategies can be created to resolve all brand reputation challenges.

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