ALM Corp Offers Results-Driven Email Campaign Management

Without effective email communications, the modern organization cannot sustain profitable marketing campaigns. Companies must design email marketing campaigns that drive brand value and engage audiences with on-point messaging based on conclusive reporting. At ALM Corp, we bring the full benefit of years of email marketing experience to each area of our clients’ campaigns. It’s the comprehensive process behind our proven industry track record.

Our expertise ensures:

Effective Campaign Strategies

From managing the client database to selecting timelines, ALM Corp’s team enacts effective strategies that drive results over the long-term. We empower companies to succeed with their campaigns with solutions for areas such as onboarding, subscriber retention and win back.

Engaging Creatives

ALM Corp’s digital marketing team has helped formulate the content for many thousands of successful marketing campaigns over their years in the marketplace. Our creative team captures the essence of the brand within their work and uses their talents to achieve cross-audience appeal. The ALM Corp creative offering also includes customized email templates, dynamic graphic content and video integration solutions.

Precise Reporting

We help companies analyze their email open rates while continually optimizing campaigns to ensure improved results. Our cutting-edge reporting systems provide clients the information they require to stay on the front foot with their campaigns. Clients will have instant access to metrics such as clicks-to-opens, clicks-to-conversions, bounces and unsubscribe rates. It’s how we assure effective optimization for long-term campaign ROI.

Responsive Management

A one-size-fits-all approach will never work within the modern digital marketing environment. Working with ALM Corp means choosing a company that can respond adeptly to evolving campaign requirements. We offer a broad range of scalable email marketing solutions to suit all organizations. Whether the company is running a cart abandonment campaign or a newsletter campaign, ALM Corp has the management solution for their full suite of service requirements.

Successful email marketing campaigns are based on the fusion of expertise from a broad range of digital marketing areas. There are few companies in the industry that can match the expert marketing resources offered at ALM Corp.

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